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women and wisdom in
 socially powerful
and interesting times

Women and Wisdom In Socially Powerful And Interesting Times

wispit by angela podcast

The goal is to hopefully help someone, anyone, who desires more out of this life. Wispit is not a medical forum, but more of an encapsulation of the experiences and words of wisdom of many people, some of whom are colleagues and friends, as a time capsule.

Wispit by Angela is a podcast designed by an African American female physician for the purpose of giving examples of personal life lessons, experiences, achievements, set backs, and wisps of wisdom. 

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As an African American female physician, with over 33 years of experience in the field of medicine, I have seen and experienced a great deal in my lifetime…..... from marriage to divorce to being a single parent and balancing a solo practice, to being the primary caregiver of a mother with Alzheimer’s Dementia. The hurdles of life, at times, have seemed overwhelming and insurmountable, but I made it!

Wispit By Angela

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"Angela, I have listened to your thoughtful and thought provoking Wispit’s. I am ever so grateful to have met you. I will be passing your site along to my daughter & son’s friend. Nicole is about 35 y/o, she has 2 children, ages 1 & 3. Nicole’s husband died yesterday of injuries from a motorcycle accident the last week. He underwent several surgeries and coded 2 x before his body gave up. She will need so many prayers & guidance, I feel that when she is ready, your beautiful insight will help her so much. Sending you positive thoughts & prayers"

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It's time to stop begging the powers
 that be to through us crumbs

It's time to stop begging the powers that be to through us crumbs