my mission

Rise from the ashes of this limited existence to a higher elevation of thinking and creativity.

Be enriched, edified, and spiritually touched to move beyond the challenges of everyday life.

the founder

Hello There, I'm Angela Of
Wispit By Angela

Wispit by Angela initially started as a podcast created during the height of the Covid- 19 pandemic as a means of bringing spiritual hope and enlightenment through words of wisdom.

As an African American female physician, with over 33 years of experience in the field of medicine, I have seen and experienced a great deal in my lifetime…..... from marriage to divorce to being a single parent and balancing a solo practice, to being the primary caregiver of a mother with Alzheimer’s Dementia. The hurdles of life, at times, have seemed overwhelming and insurmountable, but I made it!

my philosophy is a simple one:

  Dare to dream and make it a reality. Change the world first by being willing to change a mindset to a higher elevation of thinking and creativity that positively affects the world and others around you.

I believe You deserve to know
everything without limitations!

Because of not standing, someone may be lost to a system of despair and the callousness of what the world has become.

Truth and honest conversation about real-life issues and how they affect everyday people; not an illusion swayed by media or social forums, but simply life and daily living.

i am fighting for:

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